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Welcome to the What's New page. Here we will discuss new products, new programs, and important things the customer should know. This page will be updated regularly with new information, so check back often, mark this page in your favorites now!

New Small Bird Products!
Introducing Apple Carrot Harvest and Veggie Delight, two new small bird diets loaded with all natural veggies, fruit pasta and grains that your little guy will love. Both take only 2 minutes to prepare, and are available in a 4oz Cook and Store container, offering unsurpassed convenience and nutrition only available from Beak Appetit!

Beak Appetit Launches Refer A Friend!
Never wait for a sale again! With the Refer A Friend program, you can save money on Beak Appetit products any time! All you have to do is enter in the email addresses of 5 people you know that might be interested in our products, then receive your BeakBux card, which is worth $5.00 off any purchase at this website! Learn more about BeakBux!
Refer A Friend Program
Want to save money on your next order? Click here to learn about how you can save money any time, no more waiting for a sale!

Beak Appetit.com has a new Photo Album !
Take a look at all the pictures from last 2 years annual "There's Beak on my Beak!" Photo Contest. The Photo Album contains hundreds of pictures of happy birds chowing down on Beak Appetit foods - complete with stories. To find out more about our annual photo contest, and how you can make your birdie famous, by visiting our contest section.

Beak Appetit Introduces Veggie Heaven!
Now you can easily give your bird a bounty of fresh vegetables every day! Veggie Heaven is a quality mix of the best vegetables for your bird, just add hot water to our convenient cup and you have fresh vegetables in minutes! You can even store unused portions in the same cup for later feeding. Never hassle with cutting vegetables yourself, or having frozen vegetables go rancid so quickly.

Beak Appetit Introduces Meadow Café !
One of the new small animal products the folks at Beak Appetit have come up with. Now you can give your small furry friend the same great nutrition as Le Grass Café for birds. One ounce of wheatgrass juice contains the same nutritional content as 3 pounds of leafy green vegetables. Meadow Café is ready for feeding is just 4 days! Once your rabbit, hamster, gerbil, ferret, chinchilla, or guinea pig eats the grass, you can re-grow it up to 3 times! Available Now!

Beak Appetit Introduces Garden Medley !
Tired of cutting up vegetables for your small animal ? Now you can have fresh vegetables to feed you rabbit, guinea pig, ferret or other furry friend in just minutes. You can even store unused vegetables right in the cup for feeding every day. Beak Appetit uses a premium selection of vegetables in this mix. Give your little guy the nutrition he needs. Available Now!

$800 Raised for Rescue Me after Hurricane
After tragedy strikes one of our own, Beak Appetit, together with visitors of this website raised $800 for a new generator for Rescue Me, an Avian Sanctuary located in Florida. Hurricane Isabel destroyed the generator, along with several other items last September. We would like to thank everyone who participated. Please take time to read the full Rescue Me story.

The Beak Bucket wins Award !
Pet Product News awarded The Beak Bucket the Best New Bird Product of 2003. The Beak Bucket, with its revolutionary packaging, makes preparing a nutritionally sound, balanced diet for your bird easier than ever before. Simply add water, cook in the microwave for a few minutes, and you have a mountain of food, enough to feed the average bird for a full week. Best yet, the Bucket also doubles as a storage container, so you have fresh Beak Appetit to feed your bird every day.

We Proudly Support Bird Rescue and Rehabilitation Centers Nationwide

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