With all the help of or customers, and matching donations from Beak Appetit and Winging it Marketing we have RAISED $800.00 for Rescue Me, an Avian Sanctuary!  Thank you all for giving of yourselves!  Watch for the pictures of the new generator!

When Tragedy Strikes –

Giving a little of ourselves can make dramatic changes


Hurricane Isabelle Strikes one of our own

"Jake" Stewart, Founder and Executive Director of Rescue Me Avian Sanctuary has suffered tremendous loss at the hands of Hurricane Isabelle.  The storm damaged one of their aviaries, uprooted 23 trees and completely destroyed a pump house and generator used during the winter months.

Beak Appetit Inc. has committed our food and cash to help Rescue Me rebuild and continue with their important work.

Rescue workers dedicate their lives, homes and money to the forgotten, neglected, and abused parrots in this country. It is important to never lose sight of what parrot rescues do.  Think about what you would do if tragic circumstances in your life forced you to give up your precious pet!  Wouldn’t you feel comforted if you knew your bird would be cared for by one of these special people like Jake Stewart?

We are asking our dedicated customers to please consider donating a dollar or more to help Rescue Me rebuild their aviaries.   Beak Appétit and Winging it Marketing will match dollar for dollar all of the money donated.  Enter in the amount you wish to give in the cart, and click MODIFY cart.  Every penny donated will go directly to this special parrot sanctuary to help them recover from this loss.

Rescue Me, was last year's *There's Beak on My Beak* Photo contest winner for Rescues.  Jake Stewart is a selfless woman.  She donated a significant amount of her Beak Appétit food prize to other rescue that desperately needed food.

We believe that most bird lovers are exceptional people.  We also believe that if each of us gives a little of ourselves we can make dramatic changes


Kreig Peterson
President of Beak Appetit Inc.

Sue Turner
President Winging it Marketing