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Welcome to the Refer A Friend program! This is an exciting new way to save money on Beak Appetit, and spread the word around. Here's how it works...

Refer A Friend Program
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Refer A Friend
Want easy money?! Get the word out! just enter your name, email address, and five email addresses of people who might be interested in our products and click "submit". You and your friends will all receive a BeakBux card, worth terrific discounts towards any purchase of $27.00 or more at this website. This offer is always good, and can be used to obtain a discount at any time. No more waiting for monthly sales!

BeakBux Cards
Once you receive your BeakBux card, use the number on it to receive $5.00 off the Beak Appetit Starter Pack, or any purchase of $27.00 or more! Simply input your BeakBux number into the Discount Code box during the checkout process, and start saving money! BeakBux numbers can only be used once, so if you want to save more money, refer more friends!

In The Future
This is only Phase 1 of this program. In the near future we will be able to track referred sales and use that information to give you more incentives. You will be able to earn huge discounts, free Beak Appetit, or money by referring friends and promoting our products. Customers constantly send us wonderful letters stating that Beak Appetit is one of the most nutritious avian diets available today, this program will help more birds benefit from our products. Our goal is to make the Refer A Friend program one of the most exciting and rewarding programs on the internet. If you have any ideas on how to make it better for you, please email We are always grateful for suggestions.

Please enter only valid email addresses, and only email addresses of fellow bird owners or enthusiasts. This program is intended to help educate bird owners and/or enthusiasts about Beak Appetit products - not to generate an abundance of spam that no one wants or uses. Your name will appear on all the BeakBux emails generated from your entries. You cannot enter the same email addresses more than once. Once issued, the BeakBux numbers do not expire. BeakBux numbers can only be redeemed once. BeakBux cards have no cash value and cannot be redeemed for cash. Beak Appetit Inc. or Winging It Marketing is not responsible for any problems or claims that may arise from the use of this program, such as (but not limited to): fraudulent use of email addresses, use of email lists not belonging to you, entering invalid email addresses, or entering email addresses not belonging to fellow bird owners or enthusiasts. Please use the Beak Appetit Refer A Friend program Responsibly.

We Proudly Support Bird Rescue and Rehabilitation Centers Nationwide

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