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Letters from Veterinarians

From:Albuquerque Avian Clinic
To: Beak Appetit Inc.

We are writing your company to commend you on your Beak Appetit product line. We have been a member of the Association of Avian Veterinarians for many years.

The Associations primary goal is to improve the quality of life for all birds through knowledge, improved clinical techniques, medicine, surgery, and of course nutritional counseling for bird owners. Too many birds are on seed only diets. Unfortunaltely many bird owners do not realize that feeding seed alone could cause serious health problems over the long term. The association pamphlet we pass out to our clients recommends a varied diet of 60% cooked grains, 20% fruit and pellets, and 20% seed to maintain proper health.

 The Beak Appetit line has a comprehensive mix of ingredients designed to provide much needed nutrients to the domestic parrot. We highly recommend Beak Appetit foods for bird owners.

John E. Heidrich PhD., DVM
Linda Contos, DVM

From: Ironstone Veterinary Hospital
To: Beak Appetit Inc.

Dear Sirs,
     I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with your avian diet Beak Appetit. I became aware of this product when I was asked to be the show veterinarian for the Chester County Birds Clubs anual show when I came across your product.

I cooked a small amount of the Cinnamon Sunrise and offered it to my Grey Cheeked Parrakeet. She immedietly started eating it. This is the only testimonial that I needed.
Beak Appetit is now part of the regular diet for our parakeet and for our new Orange Wing Amazon.

As a veterinarian I see far too many birds that are "seed junkies". Most bird owners do not realize that birds eat more than just seeds. I suggest pasta, pellets, rice, and a small amount of seed. Now I recommend Beak Appetit as part of a well balanced diet. I tell my clients about the simplicity in cooking it, as well as the wonderful aroma the kitchen has while cooking. I am so impressed that our hospital now carries all the varieties.

John A. Coniglario, DVM

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