Le Grass Café


A few weeks ago, we received this letter from one of the winners of our photo contest. It was so adorable we decided that it needed it's own page. Katie the African Grey shows us all how to make Le Grass Café.

"Mom and I have a project"

"The directions say sprinkle on the seeds"

"Looks pretty good, don't you think?"

"Pat Down Gently"

"Katie, with a spoon"

"Ok Mom, I got it."

"Pat them like this mom"

"The Directions say stir in one inch Katie"

"OK, one inch it is"

"I wonder if they taste good?"

"No Katie, don't spill it"

"Next the seeds need a drink of water."

"Ok, I'm finished now, wanna play Toss the Spoon?"

2 Days after Planting

"Look at what is happening!"

Taste Test

"I Approve"

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