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Important Message from our CEO Regarding Food Safety

Beak Appetit and Critter Cuisine products are NOT affected by the recent pet food contamination recall.

Like most Americans, all of us at Gourmet Pet Supply are shocked and saddened about the recent discovery of contaminated dog & cat foods and the subsequent recalls being generated by many highly reputable pet food manufacturers across the country. The most recent information...more

Beak Appetit is an all natural cooked bird food made with human quality ingredients. We have six varieties, to meet the complex feeding habits of any bird. Our foods come highly recommended by Avian Veterinarians and bird lovers alike. Read the testimonials of people who use our foods and love them.

Beak Appetit Natural Bird Foods are designed and formulated with your bird's nutrition in mind. We use the highest quality grains, fruit and spices available to make sure your bird is getting the nutrition that most seed and pellet diets lack. Read about our ingredients, and the nutritional values they provide.

Our line of natural bird food products offers six unique varieties, each formulated to accommodate the pickiest of eaters, from the smallest finches and canaries to the largest parrots. There is a flavor for everyone! Read about the products we offer, and what type of birds they are suited for.

Take a look at our new Photo Album containing pictures of hundreds of birds chowing down on Beak Appetit natural bird foods. All of the pictures are taken from our annual Photo Contest in which visitors of this site enter pictures of their birds eating Beak Appetit to win prizes. Watch our Contest section to learn how to make your birdie famous!

Our products supply several Bird Rescue and Rehabilitation centers worldwide with warm nourishing food to help heal the emotional and physical damages caused by abuse and neglect. Read about some of the bird rescue centers Beak Appetit supports, and how you can help.

Is your bird pickier than most? Are you not sure if he is? Visit our FAQ page, where you can find out how to get your baby bird off to a good start with Beak Appetit's natural bird foods, or how to get your finicky eater eating our products, and on the road to a long healthy life.

We Proudly Support Bird Rescue and Rehabilitation Centers Nationwide

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